Peachland, BC, Canada

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Hey! I’m a self-taught artist who lives in the Okanagan (Canada’s wine region) with my husband. I’ve always been artistic and creative, but have only been actively perusing art for about three years. Art is my biggest passion, and is starting to take over more and more of my life in the best way possible.

Doing my art definitely makes me feel very feminine- but you can see that my style is really something that both sexes could enjoy. I hope that when people look at my work, they can communicate and relate to one or more of the faces in my work. I try to do as many emotions and ethnicities in my paintings as I can, because everyone is beautiful, and everyone is art. 


"Everyone is beautiful, and everyone is art."

Christine Ross


Photo by Marijanel Knight

Christine Ross

A Modern Artist


Peachland, BC, Canada


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